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CRBT Based Products

CRBT Platform

CRBT is a service by which the person who is receiving the call can customize the ring back tone, based on the phone number of the person who is placing the call.This service allows the caller to hear subscriber pre defined song or audio clip instead of standard Ring Tone until the subscriber picks up the call.This service has proven as a solid revenue generator for all the opeartors.

Name Tunes on CRBT

Its a Unique Service where the subscriber can personalize his CRBT through his own name: The Calling Party shall listen a message like “Thanks for Calling Called Party Name. Called Party Name shall attend to your call shortly"

Reverse RBT

Reverse Ring Back Tone (RRBT) is a popular flavor of classic Caller Ring Back tone. It allows subscribers to personalize tones for themselves. Reverse RBT is a service that enables the users to listen to the content of their own choice before getting connected to the Called Party.