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SMS, MMS and USSD Based Products

Bulk SMS SMPP Server

Bulk SMS SMPP Server provides the facility to send bulk promotional sms's through an API to target subscriber base. What you get in this solution:

a. SMPP Server to provide unlimited SMPP client connections

b. Reseller System for your clients (HTTP – SMPP)

c. Advance Features like Queuing, Hold Time etc.

OBD – Outbound Dialer

Nowdays companies are constantly looking to increase their customer service levels as retaining existing customers is far less cost intensive than attempting to win new ones. Our Outbound dialer service will do this efficiently. It will ensure that calls are placed appropriately for maximum use of resources, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cell Id, Cell Broadcasting & Flash Message

A flash SMS message is an SMS message that, instead of being stored in the SIM or memory of the receiving phone, pops-up on the receiving phone’s screen, without the user taking any action. When dismissed the message is usually gone.

Cell Broadcast (CB) messages / Cell Info Messages is a mobile technology feature designed specially to deliver messages to people particularly in a specific Geographical Area connected to a cell site to deliver on Screen Messages.

These services can be utilised to promote campaigns, to provide vital information regarding any natural calamities, disaster management measures or any other important information. The location-based services include different services, including: Campaign and promotions Management, traffic alert service, emergency service, public safety and information regarding weather etc.