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Voice Based Products

Sports Voice Alerts

Our service provide the subscriber with the latest happenings of Sports World ranging from Cricket, Football, and Hockey etc. We will provide the subscriber with each and every little updates like Scores and Fixtures through Voice Alerts.

Karaoke-Sing Along

With Mobile Karaoke platform user shall be given a tune to hear. On basis of that tune, user shall have to sing that song. If the user sings correctly, user shall be awarded with points. User has to dial an IVR short code to access the same.

Music Messaging

It's a beautifully designed music messaging service in which anyone can create a direct musical connection with their friends and family. It's sending songs, portions of songs or your new favourite tone to your contacts via….IVR portal.

Background Music

This service give you the advantage to select the song or music that subscriber wants to hear which matches with the mood in the background. The user can choose different songs for different phone numbers and play special sounds during the conversation at the press of a button.

Call Credit Service

Sometimes the subscriber's call gets disconnected while he was on the call and want to call back immediately but have no time to recharge. We provide instant solution with our "Call Credit Service". By this, the subscriber have to send an SMS and the opeartor will credit some money in his account for urgent calls. The credit is immediately transferred to the mobile and the payment would be automatically deducted from the next recharge.

Music Unlimited

Play whatever you like wherever you want. Music Unlimited gives the subscriber a giant library of entertainment whether he is on the go or at home. The subscriber can sit back and enjoy new releases or create his own playlist by simply subscribing to our service.

Mobile Radio

Mobile Radio is an app through which the subscriber can listen to largest collection of radio stations on his phone. the subscriber just need to start up the App and it immediately starts playing audio. Preset songs can be made and the user can hear the song, work on a subscription or per-minute charge (premium rate).

Missed Call Alerts

Missed the call!!!! Now the Subscriber dont need to worry if he is out of coverage or when his mobile is switched-off. Our service makes it easy to find out who called them when they were unreachable. As soon as the person switches his phone back on, he receives a message containing the list of all the people who called him with their phone numbers.

Lost Call Alerts

Sometimes we can lose calls due to various reasons like: Network problem, due to low battery or due to some official meetings in which we have to keep our phone switched-off or silent. Through our Lost Call Alert service the system will notify the calling party once the called party is available back in network.

Entertainment Voice Portal

VASify provide the Entertainment voice portal service through IVR where the subscriber can access the Entertaining stuff like Jokes, Love and Romance tips, Stories, Latest Fashion trends on his phone.

Bid Less and Win More

Winning is Simple Now!!! Bid Lowest and Unique and be a winner! Subscriber simply needs to play and bid for the lowest and unique number. If Subscriber is lucky then can be a winner of various attractive prizes! Subscriber shall be asked to bid for a Product (Say a Mobile Phone). If Subscriber’s bid qualifies as the lowest and unique, the Subscriber stands to win prize.

I Call – You Pay

I Call-You Pay offers pre-paid subscribers with flexibility to initiate and make calls even if they do not have the sufficient credit to do so in this case the called party is charged for the call. This service facilitates the mobile user to reach out their loved ones or business associates when they are out of airtime. The subscriber can initiate a collect call request via IVR.

Voice SMS

Voice SMS service allow subscribers to send pre-recorded message to thousands of phones from a targeted dialing list, instantly and simultaneously. By this service the subscriber can express his thoughts in any language. It is easier to use as compared to text SMS. When a Voice SMS is sent, an SMS text message is received saying "You have a Voice SMS".

Voice Chat

Voice chat has led to a significant increase in distant communications where two or more people from opposite ends of the world can talk. This product has been doing exceptionally well across all operators as it offers flexibility to find new friends based on specific demographics like age, gender, location etc. The voice chat offering comes with the option to log in or log out as and when needed so that chat messages are delivered only when the user desires.

Story Portal

In this service we provide different kind of stories like: Love story, Suspense story or Old Granny's stories etc. on the subscriber's mobile through subscription on IVR.

Airtime Transfer

Airtime Transfer is a service that lets you send airtime from your cellphone to any Prepaid or Top Up customer, using your airtime or by adding the cost to your monthly bill.

To transfer airtime, subscriber need to simply dial a toll free short code and follow the prompts.

Voice Changer/ Magic Voice

This service allows the users to change their voice in different ways and talk to their connections in real time. This service changes the original voice to the desired character's voice during the course of connection with the receiver.

Reminder Call/ Personal secretary

Now don't let your busy schedule skip you the important appointments or moments. Reminder Calls enable you to be called at a specified time of day and within one minute of the pre-set time.

Reminder Calls can be for an individual reminder or regular reminders. Individual reminders are made once in the 24 hours after the reminder was set up. Regular reminders can be made many times according to the configured repeat option.

What's more is that it lets you record your own message for the call or let you configure it through the pre-set option.

Gospel/ Quran/ Muslim Prayer Timing Alerts on Voice

Through this devotional service the subscriber can subscribe to Gospel/ Quran/ Muslim Prayer Timing Alerts as applicable and receive daily voice alert in the morning and/or evening in the form of automated Voice Call (OBD) under Gospel or Quran or Muslim Prayer Timing as applicable.