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SMS, MMS and USSD Based Products

Text Alerts Subscription Platform

We provide variety of Utility and Info-entertainment content like Jokes, Beauty tips, Love tips etc. on your mobile through our Text Alert Subscription Platform. Through this platform, Subscriber can easily subscribe to our services by sending a keyword to a Short code or subscribing through OBD. We provide content for more than 60 categories in different langauages like French, Spanish, English etc. We also provide localized content for India, Sourth East Asian and African Countries like National News, Weather Alerts, Movie Industry Gossips etc.


Twitter/Facebook now a days is not only a social networking site but has become the huge Advertising media through which we can get lot of information about all the happenings around the World. Subscriber can now stay connected over Facebook and Twitter without having an Smartphone, Internet and a Mobile data plan. The Subscriber can access his/her Facebook/Twitter account on basic handset through USSD as well as SMS. Subscriber can easily Tweet and comment through these interesting networking products whether he or she is having a smart phone or not.


Now Access Wikipedia resuilts on your phone. By this service Subscriber can search anything on his phone by simply sending his query on SMS or USSD, and shall get Wikipedia results back to him.


Gmail as everybody knows is most widely used web-based email provider. Now Subscriber can experience Gmail on any device and get the real time notification about his/her important mails through SMS and USSD.


M-agriculture is about bringing mobile information access to rural communities and small-hold farmers.It is designed with a strategic vision of sharing and providing relevant, accurate, updated and critical information for rural communities. M-agriculture provide daily updates about Weather, Crop Management,Techniques of Plantation and Pesticides etc. on your mobile through SMS and USSD for upliftment of Rural communities and small-hold farmers.

Bid less and Win More

Winning is Simple Now!!! Bid Lowest and Unique and be a winner! Subscriber simply needs to play and bid for the lowest and unique number. If Subscriber is lucky then can be a winner of various attractive prizes! Subscriber shall be asked to bid for a Product (Say a Mobile Phone). If Subscriber’s bid qualifies as the lowest and unique, the Subscriber stands to win prize.

SMS Chat

Now Subscribers can create their own Chat rooms and make new friends through their mobile. They can send rich messages or group chat with anyone from their phonebook. SMS chat allows the subscribers to speak instantaneously with a friend or family member because it's easy, confidential, and effective communication tool. This product has been doing exceptionally well across all operators as it offers flexibility to find new friends based on specific demographics like age, gender, location etc. This offering comes with the option to log in or log out as and when needed so that chat messages are delivered only when the Subscriber desires.

Unique Games on SMS and USSD

We provide wide range of games to entertain the Subscribers. SMS/USSD based Games are those which can be played on Mobile Phones through SMS or USSD Platforms. The best part is that the Subscriber do not need smart phone to play these Games. It can be used even by the subscribers who have the most basic feature phone. The Games are available in single Player as well as Multi-Player modes.

Mobile Lottery

Your dream of winning a Lottery Jackpot can come through Mobile Lottery. Subscriber need to buy a series of Number. Subscriber Can Buy as many series to increase the probability of winning. We will announce the winning numbers in a week or month (As per the mutual discussion between Operator). If the series of the Subscriber matches with the numbers selected by us, then the Subscriber will be gratified with assured prizes.

Phone Backup

How would you feel if you lost your phone 1 minute from now and, all vital contacts on it at the same time? With Vasify’s Phone Backup solution, you can avoid all the drama and hassle. Securely back-up all the important contacts on your phone, and access them at any time anywhere.

Mobile Phone Backup is a service that safeguards all contacts of your mobile phone. The Mobile Phone Backup service copies your mobile phone’s contacts in a secure manner to Mobile Operator’s secure Mobile Phone Backup system, and also enables you to retrieve the saved data on your phone whenever you change your phone or in case you lose the data accidentally.

The best part is that you do not need smart phone to use this service. Since this solution is on SMS or USSD, it can be used even by the subscribers who have even the most basic feature phone.

Love Meter, Luck Meter, Cheat Meter

Love Meter is an online love detector with which you can measure the percentage of love compatibility and chances of successful relationship between two people.

Use Luck Meter to know whether Luck is on your side or might some unfortunate circumstances arise? The Luck Meter shows you how you are rated in love, career, and money matters.

The Cheat Meter is made to assist you to know whether your partner is cheating on you or not,and if yes then helps you in taking any decision.

Quiz and Contest

We have huge range of Innovative SMS and USSD Quiz Concepts to keep the Subscribers engaged and entertained. The Contests can be clubbed with Gratifications to have better Subscriber Traction and Satisfaction.

MMS Alerts Subscription Platform

Through MMS Subscription Managed Services Platform, user can access the content by subscribing to MMS subscription service on his/her mobile for daily MMS content alerts. The User Can subscribe by sending a keyword to a short code or through OBD (Out Bound Dialer) based promotions. Once subscribed, User starts getting MMS alerts in Infotainment categories like National News, Football News, and Celebrity Gossips etc. An MMS would comprise of an image along with the text based on the content.

Post Call Notification

Immediately after the subscriber complete the call, they will be provided with information on the call duration and cost, as well as their credit balance. With this information handy, the subscriber can then decide when and how much to top-up before making more calls.

Post Call Notification is also one of most sought after places where an advertising can happen in End of Call Notification Messages.

Airtime Transfer

Airtime Transfer is a service that lets you send airtime from your cellphone to any Prepaid or Top Up customer, using your airtime or by adding the cost to your monthly bill.

To transfer airtime, subscriber need to simply send sn SMS or dial a USSD string, with the top up amount and the mobile number in the format amount#mobile number to a shortcode.