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Features of our SDP

Our SDP is the Operator solution that provide a unified middle ground for the optimized exchange of services between users, operators, and service and content providers.

Our SDP support strong yet flexible integration with operator systems, such as business support systems (BSS), operations support systems (OSS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Our SDP Solution consists of service offerings, business solutions, common functions, enablers, and professional services – delivers on the manage-and-sell promise while catering for the delivery of emerging top-line revenue-generating services, such as Mobile TV and IPTV. It also includes the enablers and service-creation and execution features that are necessary for delivering true end-to-end solutions.

Our SDP enables :

  • to add content assets to operator service offerings
  • to manage transcoding, adaptation, and digital rights management (DRM);
  • to provide business intelligence, in order to show content owners how their content is performing in operator channels.

Our SDP provide you with a multi-feature platform that will help you deploy and launch converged services fast, with high efficiency, low risk and costs and lesser time-to-market.